The Bad Wolf

Darren Wilson’s testimony is irrelevant.



Last month, Darren Wilson testified before the grand jury to justify shooting an unarmed man six times.  By law, he’s not required to testify and many cops in this situation choose not to, but someone in Wilson’s camp knew that even though his “version” of the scenario shouldn’t ultimately matter, it sets the stage for a jury to believe he felt his life was in danger.

Michael Brown’s death has three parts:
1) The initial stop by Wilson
2) The struggle in the cruiser
3) The actual murder

The only section of the timeline that should matter is the third part, but the defense in this case is using what allegedly happened in Wilson’s police cruiser to justify killing a man who was running away from him minutes after that.  If the jury is supposed to take the second scene in the series of events as an explanation to justify the third, then they should take the initial scene as well because Brown should have never been stopped in the first place.

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